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  1. Download 100 Page The Truth About Putting eBook below in PDF format. If viewing on mobile, the free PDF Acrobat Reader App is helpful – as you can enlarge of decrease the font size (available in the app-store). Do not share the book outside of your immediate family, it is copyrighted.
  2. Module 1 – on Short-Putting (16 short videos) is broken into 3 video playlists, each of the playlists has 5 to 7 videos. Each playlist can be watched continually and can be screen-cast to bigger screens. Start Module 1 at bottom of this page.

Coming soon:

  • Modules 2 to 4 on: 2) Short Putting Mental Anchors, 3) Medium and Long Putting, 4) Putting Technique, Practice, Grips, Putters will be released every 3 days for 2 weeks.
  • Email lessons, and Bonus Module 5 contain older videos from the original course from many years ago. These and email-lessons will be released over the next 4 to 8 weeks. Bite size lessons with one or two principles for you to focus on for the following week.


  1. Download the eBook
  2. Click through below to Module 1 – on Short-Putting

Download The Truth About Putting eBook

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