Hi, my name is Anthony Procopis (AP).


This site serves three purposes:

  1. To help club-golfers improve their scoring and all parts of their games
  2. For me to put my findings out into the World. Golf has taught me a lot and I like to pass on what works
  3. To give away information for free and to offer premium golf-improvement courses and memberships

My Background

I played a lot as a kid (and cricket and soccer). I did a pro-traineeship in the late 90’s; was all set to pass my 3rd year when I contracted a virus which put an end to me passing that year. I kept playing into my late 20’s but Tour Golf wasn’t going to happen.

Once the pro golf idea finally died, I relaxed, played a little less and enjoyed playing competitive club-golf (practicing or playing 1-3 times/week – not 7 like earlier years!). My average score and game kept improving, and my lowest scores kept going lower over time – shooting 4’s, 5’s, 6’s and a career best 9 birdie medal-round of 7 under par.

That Personal best was while I was running my new golf site at the time: The Truth About Putting.com. The site, content and readership touched tens of thousands of club-golfers Worldwide. It was a beautiful meshing of passions: golf, growing a new digital golf business, and helping golfers improve.

Courses I offer on AP GOLF come from that site (covering all parts of the game). That site ended in Mid 2019 and AP GOLF is the new home for all the golf training courses and memberships.


The signature course is The Truth About Putting. In it I explain and demonstrate to students the vital processes that make up excellent putting under all conditions. Apart from a couple of set up fundamentals, how well you Read, Routine, React and Review will dictate how well you putt. I invite you to take the course.

In the last few years I have also launched a physical golf products brand, Slot It Golf. Starting with a Patented Swing Trainer (for a better swing-path and angle-of-attack), golf mats (on Amazon – not currently on my site) and premium Golf Nets and Frames for the home – launching in December 2023.

Improving at Golf

Improving at golf is a delicate balancing act between improving ones technique, and, being able to switch to “playing-mode” when out on the course; “train it then trust it.”

If you would like to improve your golf game so you can hit better shots and lower scores while not getting bogged down in paralysis by analysis, this is the place for you.

Enjoy my teachings and the site and reach out and say G’day or ask any question you like.


Anthony Procopis