The Truth About Putting Training Course 

As the book title says: “A simple system for dependable short-putting and feel-enhanced long putting.” And more!

The Truth About Putting Training Course Truth About Putting Medium and Long Putting Module

TAP has been taken by thousands of serious club-golfers from around the World.

The training-course explains how to achieve consistently solid short, medium and long putting, week in week out. This is achieved by mastering the 4 R’s of Putting:  Read, Routine, React and Review. 

TAP will help you focus on the timeless principles of putting – not the latest quick-fix putter, training-aid or grip that takes you off reading the line and speed and reacting freely to the target.


  1. 50+ short videos in 4 Sections covering Short, Medium & Long Putting, Green Reading, Practice, Technique, putting under competition pressure and much more
  2. 100 page+ reference eBook
  3. 6 weeks of bi-weekly email lessons; strengthens lessons from video and book content
  4. Accessible 24/7 in your members account, and Q and A whenever required.


Build a Better Shortgame Training Course

Many club-golfers struggle with parts of their shortgame, such as:

  • Nervy chips that result in fat of thin shots
  • Lack of confidence and mishits from 40 to 70 yard part-shots
  • Bunker-shots, which cause fear in many because of inconsistent striking

I have played with club-golfers for decades. I can teach you simpler, more consistent techniques, different shots, and importantly, the mental and physical routines required to play solid, nerve-free shots in and out of competitions. 

The shortgame is fun and rewarding when you can hit solid shots consistently.  – AP

Included in Build a Better Shortgame

  1. Short chipping, pitching and bunker modules (30 short videos).
  2. eBooks on chipping pitching and bunkers
  3. Email lessons over 6 weeks
  4. 24/7 access to your video-course library
  5. Unlimited Q and A

Build a Better Shortgame Videos and eBook screenshot


Swing Better and Score Lower

Part 1 – Train It! Train Better Swing Technique.

The Adults Golf and Simple Swing Sets You Up With a More Pro-Like Technique.

The Adults Golf Swing is about transforming a loose, long, inconsistent Kids golf swing into a simple, pro-like, repeatable Adults golf swing.

Swing Swing Golf Training Course

Modules include:

  1. Set Up Solution. Master your set up for balance & correct pivot & hands and arm movements
  2. Understand & Master the correct hand & arm movements for an on-plane swing
  3. Identify and fix the amateur Kids Swing moves. Fortunately, simply DOING LESS will help your swing a lot (and this doesn’t involve countless hours of practice).
  4. Tempo and Dynamic Balance
  5. Mental and Pre shot & blending parts of your swing into a fluid motion
  6. Practice better and learn how to switch from learning mode to playing mode – to shoot low scores

Part 2 – Trust It! Create Great Shots On The Course.

Low scores on the course come from a solid technique joined to Think, See, Feel, Swing (then review). It’s what all great players have used to score low.

Train the swing in practice, Trust the swing on the course.

Trusting requires fuel via the Think, See, Feel, Swing process. The fuel for the process are yardage and wind calculations, smart choices, confidence, desired ball-flight and swing feelings required for the desired ball-flight.

The Automatic Golf System Course covers this. Great for all players, gets us less technique-focused on the course and more focused on ball-flight, great shots and scoring low.


Play Smart Golf and Shoot Low Scores

A combination of two small courses (Play Smart Golf, and, On-Course Scoring Tips) that give you 30 specific score lowering tips over time.

Hitting tough shots

No long painstaking swing changes or perfect swing required. Better thinking and small tweaks, such as:

  • Driving: aligning correctly versus aligning where the teeing ground faces; correct ball position & width of stance can impact driving greatly; mastering the magic-move on transition so you slot the driver more often.
  • Hitting solid shots from tough lies and tight situations (as pictured above) – from fairway bunkers, hardpan, over water, from trees, lob shots over bunkers, and mental tips for swinging well under pressure to return personal best scores versus, getting tight and botching a good round.
  • Putting and chipping well under pressure through better mental tips and timeless technique-fundamentals
Oncourse scoring tips