Build a Better Shortgame Training Course

Many club-golfers struggle with parts of their shortgame, such as:

  • Nervy chips that result in fat of thin shots
  • Lack of confidence and mishits on part-shots from 40 to 70 yards
  • Bunker-shots can cause fear in many golfers because of inconsistent striking

I have played with club-golfers for decades. I can teach you:

  • simpler, more consistent techniques,
  • different shots (high, low, safe versus risky)
  • and importantly, the mental and physical routines required to play solid, nerve-free shots in and out of competitions.¬†

The shortgame is fun and rewarding when you can hit solid shots consistently.  РAP

Included in Build a Better Shortgame

  1. Short chipping, pitching and bunker modules (30 short videos).
  2. eBooks on chipping pitching and bunkers
  3. Email lessons over 6 weeks
  4. 24/7 access to your video-course library
  5. Unlimited Q and A

Build a Better Shortgame Overview Video


Included: Two concise eBooks on chipping and pitching 

Lifetime Access for One Payment of $57


Overview of Chipping and Pitching Modules

Lifetime Access for One Payment of $57