Module 1 and 2 – Short-Putting and Mental Anchors

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*Video Playlist Instructions: Press play then let the video playlist play or click the 9-box-icon in the bottom right of player to select any video in the list.

Short Putting Video Playlist 2 – Overview: Keep Putting Simple, The #1 Cause of Missed Short Putts, The 4 Rs of Putting

Playlist 1:

  1. Overview: Learn, then keep your putting simple
  2. The number one cause of missed short putts
  3. The 4 R’s of Putting
  4. R1 – Read: How to read short putts
  5. R2 – Routine: Your putting routine is vital, and, sample putting routines​ (in-depth)
  6. R3 – React! – For natural feel based putting
  7. R4 – Review and the 4R’s

Short Putting Video Playlist 2 – Eliminating Distractions, Trust, Pressure, Confidence

Playlist 2:

  1. Focus and Eliminating Distractions
  2. Your Putting Routine is the key to putting well under pressure
  3. You have to be confident to hole all short putts
  4. Trust is a must
  5. Be disciplined, do your homework

Short Putting Playlist 3 – Practice, Reading Grain, Ball Speed, Yips are not physical.

Playlist 3:

  1. Correct Ball Speed
  2. Practicing short putts
  3. The cause of the putting YIPS is not physical
  4. Reading grain in greens

Module 2: Mental Anchors for Short Putting

*No need for mental anchors for medium to long putting as the expectation (and therefore pressure) to make the putt is low. Successful long putting is about correctly Reading (R1) the Line and Speed and then responding by swinging the putter with that built-up feel from the Reading (R1).
*The TAP eBook/book covers all Modules in the videos and is a useful reference.

Playlist 4:

  1. Overview – Use a Mental Anchor for Putting Success
  2. See your Spot and Path to the Hole
  3. Roll the Logo or Line on Your Ball
  4. Reaction method without an anchor
  5. React to Your Intension
  6. See What is Underneath the Ball
  7. Hit and Listen
  8. Feel the Pendulum
  9. Focus and Putt over a Spot 2 Inches Infront of the Ball
  10. Mental Anchors Summary and Warning

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