90% of Amateurs Use a Kids Golf Swing. This Results In Mishits and Wayward Shots.

Pro’s and Top Amateurs DO LESS in Their Swings. They Hit Straight and Clean Because They Use an Adults Golf Swing. 

What is a Kids Swing?

Kids Swings DO MORE, Adults Swings DO LESS.

In a Kids Swing:

  • The Hands and Club-face roll more in the takeaway and release.
  • The Hips turn more and the Arms move and bend more.
  • There is more lateral movement or reverse pivot.
  • Kids Swing hit-from-the-top or drop too much on an inside path. They DO MORE.

“FACT: By simply doing LESS in your swing it will improve greatly.”

Pro-Like Adults Swings have less rolling hands, less head movement, no premature rushing on transition. They are simpler and more effective, they DO LESS.

Adults Golf Swing Overview


Learn about the differences between the two swings and how you can improve your swing and ball-striking.


Kids Golf Swing Fault 1 and 2: The wrists and hands roll too much in the takeaway and backswing and cause extra rolling through impact (left). (They DO MORE.)

Commonly, the lead arm and hand rolls (does MORE) leaving the shaft flat and clubface open (back of lead hand looks skyward; see second photo down the page). This rolling on the backswing leads to a corresponding rolling of the hands and clubface through impact.

Flat versus correct halfway-back swing positions

The off-plane, half-way-back position

I had this common off-plane move which kept my club open. As mentioned above, if you roll the club-face open in the first half of the backswing it has to roll a lot back to square up.

Moving the ball too-much right-to-left is a common fault of low handicappers – up to mid-teen handicappers. Excellent striker’s swings are neutral; they can hit it very straight and additionally, by simply seeing and feeling the ball flight they want (high, low, left to right, right to left), they can create the shot with instinctive swing-programming.

In a repeating Adults Golf Swing your wrists are more passive, they roll less on the takeaway (they hinge up, not horizontally – after the first three feet of the swing). Through impact, they extend square down the line without rolling as much as in the Kids Swing.

“I spent years with a Kids Swing and my scores and golfing career suffered. Finally, after years of trial and error I had put together a repeatable Adults Golf Swing that produced solid ball-striking all the time and on a very good day, 5, 6 or even 7 under par rounds.”

– Anthony, AP Golf and Adults Golf Swing Creator


Kids Golf Swing Fault 3: Your swing could be too loose and long

This is not talked about much, but it has been a huge part of me becoming a solid ball-striker, and I know it will help many club-golfers.

Almost every great golfer has shortened their swing over time. Thinking off the top of my head, these greats won MAJORS after shortening their swings:

  • Ben Hogan (9)
  • Kel Nagle (British Open – 1960, an Aussie)
  • Greg Norman (1993 British Open)
  • Davis Love the 3rd
  • Nick Faldo (won 6 majors after shortening and tightening his swing)
  • Tiger Woods started winning majors in 1997 with a shortened swing which Butch Harmon engineered.
  • Phil Mickelson’s swing became tighter than in his early Major-less years (coached by Butch Harmon then)
  • Nick Price won majors after tightening his swing under David Leadbetter
  • John Daly (ha ha, got you! nothing short about JD’s swing)

Ben Hogan about 3/4 into his compact irons swing

Other major championship winners who always used a 3/4-swing for short to mid irons and a less than full swing on woods include:

  • Byron Nelson
  • Lee Trevino
  • Tom Kite
  • Ian Woosnam
  • Wayne Grady
  • Sandy Lyle
  • Tom Lehman
  • Tony Jacklin
  • Jon Rahm

I know swinging back less than full has helped me…when I feel 3/4 and in-the-rails (on-plane), the ball goes to the target

Kids Golf Swing Fault 4: Not Centered/Unbalanced (They DO MORE)

DO MORE (left) DO LESS (right)

When swinging, many club-golfers move around too much; their feet come off the ground excessively and many move their heads around too much.

Here is how you know whether you are centered or not, or if you are moving around too much:

  • You get extremely annoyed when you receive a bad lie (because you can’t make precise impact)
  • You don’t hit it cleanly from fairway bunkers consistently (same as above – extremely hard to make precise contact)
  • You can’t hit a solid half or punch-shot
  • Your ball flight is not “penetrating”, meaning, the wind affects it greatly (and you move the ball a lot from right-to-left or left-to-right)
  • You hit fat shots often

When you are balanced and doing less in your swing, drawing a poor fairway-lie or having to hit a fairway-bunker-shot with a 4-iron doesn’t intimidate you. As the great Moe Norman said, “don’t let the lie play you”, meaning, don’t get angry or use a rushed, scared, aggressive swing in reaction to a poor lie; “get MORE centered, have BETTER tempo, make a PURE golf swing.”

Kids Golf Swing Fault 5: Floppy Arms or Overextension

Do you hit thin-shots with wedges, can’t play long-irons or fairway bunker shots well?

The Train It Swing Course combines the Adults Golf Swing and Simple Swing into one complete golf swing training course.

In this video I detail the original Simple Swing Course.


Enroll in the Train a Better Golf Swing Training Course

(Includes The Adults Golf Swing and Simple Swing Courses as one.)

 Fix Your Kids Swing Moves, Develop a Pro-like Adults Golf Swing, Strike the Ball Pure

Part 1 Included: The Adults Golf Swing

Groove better arm, wrist and hand movements; created a better pivot and strike the ball cleaner and straighter.

Adults Golf Swing Training Videos, eBook and Email Lessons


Part 2: More on Arms and Hands and, Master other crucial elements such as Set Up, Practice and Transition.

Master Set Up, Transition, Arms and Hands. Videos, Text and Email Lessons

“Correct Set Up positions are crucial.”

Spine angle, width of stance, alignment greatly influence how you pivot and how your arms swing. You can’t have an excellent swing without mastering the Set Up.

Modules include:

  1. Set Up Solution. Master your set up for balance & correct pivot & hands and arm movements
  2. Understand & Master the correct hand & arm movements for an on-plane swing
  3. Identify and fix the amateur Kids Swing moves. Fortunately, simply DOING LESS will help your swing a lot (and this doesn’t involve countless hours of practice).
  4. Tempo and Balance and Transition
  5. Mental and Pre shot & blending parts of your swing into a fluid motion
  6. Practice better and learn how to switch from learning mode to playing mode – to shoot low scores

Your Course Includes:

  1. Personal login and access to your courses
  2. Email lessons to guide you through the course (we want a measured dose, not an all-you-can-eat buffet)
  3. Adults Golf Swing eBook
  4. Full support – Q and A whenever you require. (You can even send a link or upload your swing video and get a free critique.)

The Complete Train It Swing Course (includes Simple Swing and Adults Swing) is $97