The Automatic Golf System

Playlist 1 – Full Shots (9 Videos) The Automatic Golf System, Irons, Woods, Mental

  1. Introduction to the Automatic Golf System
  2. How the Automatic Golf Swing Works (Process)
  3. Hands and Arms in the Backswing
  4. Shot-making and Feeling Your Golf Swing
  5. Mental Anchors and Awareness in the Golf Swing
  6. Correcting Hooks and Slices with Feel
  7. Grips, Setup and Posture
  8. A Driver Shot
  9. Driver – Feed your Swing… Visualize & Feel – for a Sound Swing. [*This is from the Adults Golf Swing. It does a good job at explaining how working on ball-flight can help your swing technique]

*Video Playlist Instructions: Press play then let the video playlist play or click the 9-box-icon in the bottom right of player to select any video in the list.

Playlist 2 – Chips, Pitches, Lobs, 3/4 Shots and Putts (7 Videos)

  1. Chipping and Pitching Overview
  2. Lob Shot (Triangle and Tempo Key)
  3. Lob Shot (Mental Anchor for Nerves-free Natural Swinging)
  4. Pitching and Half Wedges Shots. [Below are short snippets on applying feel to your process]
  5. The Learning Process (Putting Green)
  6. Shooting Your Best Round
  7. Your Putting Intention