Simple Swing Modules 3 and 4

Module 3 – Correct Tempo, Pre-Shot Bubble; A Fluid Swing. (1 x 6-Video Playlist.)

  1. Correct Tempo
  2. The Metronomic Golf Swing
  3. The Pre-Shot Bubble
  4. Making a Smooth Transition
  5. Control Your Swing by Practicing Half-Shots
  6. Be Relaxed

*Video Playlist Instructions: Press play then let the video playlist play or click the 9-box-icon in the bottom right of player to select any video in the list.

Module 4 – Practice, and Trusting Your Swing on the Course (1 x 4-Video Playlist.)

  1. Trusting Your Swing On The Golf Course
  2. Training to Trusting
  3. Pre-Shot Bobble [Also Included in another Playlist]
  4. Using Practice Nets to Improve