Simple Swing Modules 1 and 2

Module 1 – Simple Swing Introduction and The Setup Solution. (1 x 7-Video Playlist.)

  1. Introduction to the 4 Parts/Modules of the Simple Swing
  2. The Setup Solution (Spine Angle)
  3. Distance From The Ball
  4. Width of Stance
  5. Club Shaft Position
  6. Alignment
  7. The Grip

*Video Playlist Instructions: Press play then let the video playlist play or click the 9-box-icon in the bottom right of player to select any video in the list.


Module 2 -Correct Arm and Hand Movements & Mastering The Backswing. (1 x 7-Video Playlist.)

  1. Mastering The Backswing (What Moves When)
  2. Arms & Hands
  3. Relaxed Arms
  4. Grooving New Movements
  5. The One Arm Swing: The Perfect Model
  6. The Release
  7. Legs, Hips and The Turn