Module 1 – Short-Putting

*Video Playlist Instructions: Press play then let the video playlist play or click the 9-box-icon in the bottom right of player to select any video in the list.

Video Playlist #1 in Order:

  1. Learn, then keep your putting simple
  2. The number one cause of missed putts
  3. The 4 R’s of Putting
  4. R1 – Read: How to read short putts
  5. R2 – Routine: Your putting routine is vital, and, sample putting routines​ (in-depth)
  6. R3 – React! – For natural feel based putting
  7. R4 – Review and the 4R’s


Short Putting Video Playlist 2 – Eliminating Distractions, Trust, Pressure, Confidence
In Order:

  1. Focus and Eliminating Distractions
  2. Your Putting Routine is the key to putting well under pressure
  3. You have to be confident to hole all short putts
  4. Trust is a must
  5. Be disciplined, do your homework


Short Putting Playlist 3 – Practice, Reading Grain, Ball Speed, Yips are not physical.
In Order:

  1. Correct Ball Speed
  2. Practicing short putts
  3. The cause of the putting YIPS is not physical
  4. Reading grain in greens